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SBS,a division of Saber offers world-class accredited training programmes. Our focus on integrating finance with technology is in response to the digital disruption impacting on most businesses and differentiates us from our competitors.

Artificial Intelligence (Al) and Machine Learning(ML) are creating a shift in the roles and responsibilities of employees. In this disruptive landscape, one needs to constantly build credibility on their data skills to add value to the organization.

Our holistic approach to training is a paradigm shift and comprehensively addresses the needs of companies to rapidly respond to turbulent business changes and customer needs.



Saber Solutions provides comprehensive Management Consultancy services



Saber Business School offers world class accredited training programmes,  


BBBEE Level1

SBS is Level 1 (One) EME with 100% B-BBEE compliance and 135% procurement recognition.

“If my mind can conceive it, if my heart can believe it--then I can achieve it."

Muhammad Ali

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Since 2007

Saber Solutions (Pty) Ltd (Saber) provides Management Consultancy services to the Corporate and Small Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs) sector and have worked with companies within the mining, education, financial, agricultural, medical, hospitality etc. industries.


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SBS ascribe to the prophetic teaching of "seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave".


SBS strives to recruit and develop Smart, Ambitious and Bright learners in areas of finance, office administration and entrepreneurship to be successful Empowered Resources within the global village in the spheres of data analytics; management and leadership.


SBS is an Accredited Training Provider for, Classroom: Theory: Face-to-face- Accreditation reference number 301108 and Distance Learning: Theory: Correspondence. Accreditation reference number301157


SAQA ID: 58375 National Certificate: Bookkeeping
SAQA ID: 58376 Further Education and Training Certificate: Bookkeeping
SAQA ID: 36213 National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting
SAQA ID:20366 National Diploma: Financial Accounting
SAQA ID: 20352 National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting
SAQA ID: 20353 Diploma: Public Sector Accounting
SAQA ID: 23618 Certificate: Office Administration
SAQA ID: 23619 Higher Certificate: Office Administration
V35958 Diploma: Office Administration
V48736 National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management


SAQA ID: 12992 Achieve Personal Effectiveness inan Accounting Environment


Microsoft Office 2016 | Microsoft 2016 Pivot Tables and Data Analysis | Microsoft Excel Dashboard and Analysis | Microsoft Excel Graphs and Data Visualisation | Management Team Leadership | Business Intelligence | Social Media Marketing

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Our shared

Our shared values define what we stand for at Saber Business School, and establish expectations about how we work with our stakeholders i.e. learners, employers, government, professional institutions, customers and the communities we serve. Saber Business School share values are:


We take ownership of our behaviour and take personal responsibility to perform both individually and collectively in teams.


We act consistently on a set of values, ethical standards and principles. Likewise we expect our learners to demonstrate courteous behaviour and professional conduct at all times.

Academic Excellence

We strive to provide, high-quality programmes into learnerships, employment, self-employment as well as further education.


Unsure on which route to pursue. Our experienced advisors will discuss in detail the qualifications, skills and experience that can help you get your dream job. "The fruit of patience is sweet"


Our caring and enabling learning environment recognises both individual and team contributions in pursuit of high academic excellence.

Quality Assurance

Our reputation is built through sustained success in learning, SBS is committed to maintaining the high standards and enhancing quality in all areas.
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Shared values connects the dots between a company’s competitiveness and the health of the community. Capitalising on these connections is good for business and society

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“No country can really develop unless its citizens are educated.”  Nelson Mandela

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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X

SBS understands that the use of data analytics to solve business problems is a necessary skill for today’s graduate. Our full-time and part time programme strives to address the real-life business challenges at an affordable cost of study (fee).

SBS provide a unique opportunity to bridge the gaps between and within different global contexts, by supplying direct experience and insights into a variety of business topics and combining classroom learning, industry engagement, and practical experience.

Our dynamic external engagement culture with the industry enables us to build real-world examples through meetings with executives, company visits, and cultural excursions

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. John C. Crosby

The SBS mentorship programme assists first year students to adjust from high school to college life by supporting them both socially and emotionally in pursuit of academic excellence. First-year students, once enrolled are assigned to mentors who are part time students from industry and have walked the same journey.

Mentors are provided an equal opportunity to develop their leadership skills as they guide people from diverse backgrounds. The SBS mentorship programme is designed to provide a positive interaction between students, mentors and lecturing staff. The outcome of beneficial mentoring is to ensure:

  • Personal and academic development
  • Career guidance and emotional support
  • Fast-track entrepreneurship and employability skills

” The only way to do great work is to love what you do.“ Steve Jobs

The SBS Job Shadowing opportunity is organised through SBS professional network and mentors of SBS. This opportunity provides a snapshot into the life of an experienced professional and acquire insights into the employer and organisational culture.

Learners are  provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to partake in this International trip funded by fundraising initiatives and sponsorships from companies wanting to leverage from International Business networks.

As a parent or guardian, you want the best for your children and so do we. One of the things that distinguishes SBS, is the emphasis we place on education taking place in an excellent environment: one that is safe, celebrates achievement, diversity, and respect for others and connects with our local communities. Our academic year includes sporting events, outdoor activities, business expos and markets etc. There is always something happening at SBS. When a student registers at SBS, they immediately become part of our community.

Work Experience

Work experience and promoting employability are key elements of all our full-time study programmes at SBS. Our mentors support students in sourcing relevant work experience and assist students to develop the necessary skills to contact employers.

Hands on learning

SBS culture is based on active learning, where students tackle the kinds of situations they’ll encounter in the workplace, all in a safe environment with a focus on learning opportunities. Many of our programmes offer internships and opportunities to work within industry so that when a student leaves SBS, they really are “work ready”.

Full Time

Our full-time study programmes combine knowledge, skills, support, challenges and a set of attributes that help deliver confident and professional learners. Learners typically attend classes for 3–4 days per week. SBS learners will have a competitive advantage in the workplace due to our approach, which is dedicated to ensuring that learners are work-ready.

Part Time

Part-time classes are normally offered after 16h30 during the week and on weekends at 08h30 and require careful planning.  The reality for students, administrators and academics is that time is limited and there are competing responsibilities of family, work, study and community.  Notwithstanding this, SBS has been privileged to have an excellent cohort of part time students with a 100 percent pass to-date.

Online | Distance Learning 

Our study programmes include internationally recognised qualifications, work experience/ placements, enrichment and tutorials. Our study programmes additionally help develop the softer skills, such as the ability to communicate effectively, be confident and articulate individuals who are able to apply themselves to a task and to work effectively as a team.

SBS hosts guest speakers from all walks of life and experienced business personalities who share their own success and failures that provide additional support to learners to help spur new ideas and boost the energy level of learners.

The SBS Bursary Fund is the social arm of Saber Supporting of our  proven academic programme creates an environment where businesses and empowered professionals can flourish together creating a vibrant and diversified economy.