Corporate Strategy (CRPS)

Corporate Strategy

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This course forms part of the Advanced Level of both the ICB Financial Accounting and the ICB Public Sector Accounting Programmes. It aims to redefine corporate strategy to rely less on objectives and competition but rather seeing an organisations big picture that is customer focused, sustainable and successful in the long-term.

This course is an in-depth study of strategic management. It shows the impact of corporate strategy on a company’s ability to accelerate its sales, gain market leadership, and power up its revenue growth.


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  • Introduction to strategic management
  • Strategic management methodologies
  • Context of strategic decisions
  • Corporate strategy selection
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Continuous improvement through strategic control and evaluation


This course is assessed by the ICB by means of a Portfolio of Evidence where you are required to complete Activities (assignments) and Evaluations (tests) and then complete a final written summative assessment (exam). Please be sure to verify that you have been registered for your assessment.


This short course is part of a national qualification. On completion of this course and the remainder of the level you will receive a national certificate.