Lockdown Level 4…The bigger picture

Delta Variant

Given the nature of the Delta variant, the president’s revised lockdown level 4 restrictions announced on the 27th June, may last longer than 14 days. Some industry analysts believe this could be the death knell for many businesses.

Skills Development

Despite this, we have found that many employees and employers have taken a proactive approach rather than a “roll over and die” attitude. Employees are discovering that they must take on additional responsibilities and think outside the box, which motivates them to improve their skills in order to handle the increased workload.

Workers in the hospitality and film industries are also taking stock of their situation and considering leaving their current jobs to pursue new opportunities. Taking such action can be intimidating, but all prospective students should begin jotting down the “good stuff” in point form.

  • What skills do you currently have?
  • Write down your accomplishments   
  • What did you enjoy most of your previous jobs?
  • What are the results that you helped your current and previous company achieve?

Funding Talent

On the bright side, employers are realizing that investing in their employees is the best business decision they can make. Despite their financial constraints, employers, much to the surprise of their employees, are making funding available for studies, whether through soft loans, paying for student fees, or taking advantage of SETA funding. Richard Branson could not have said it better, “Customers come second, employees first. It’s a philosophy that brings unexpected benefits to both the company and its clients.”     

Lockdown Level 4...The bigger picture
Quote by Richard Branson

Without a doubt, all of the above players see the big picture. While the economy is suffering as a result of the prolonged lockdown, which is compounded by historical unemployment, the South African people are a resilient people who will no doubt rise above our difficult circumstances.

Career Choices

Those considering a career change, each stage in your career provides an opportunity to learn about your talents, interests, challenges, and workplace values. Work on a gameplan to find a job that embraces your passions, because happiness is key ingredient to job performance and career advancement. After all happy employees are more productive employees.

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