Course Category: Bookkeeper

NQF L3 (SAQA ID: 58375)
Total credits: 120

Computerised Bookkeeping (CPBK)

Description Description This course forms part of the Advanced Level of both the ICB Financial Accounting and the ICB Public Sector Accounting Programmes. It aims to redefine corporate strategy to rely less on objectives and competition but rather seeing an organisations big picture that is customer focused, sustainable and successful in the long-term. This course …

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Bookkeeping to Trial Balance (BKTB)

Description This course forms the foundation of your accounting knowledge and can be found in every ICB Programme, no matter what stream you are studying. It assumes no knowledge of bookkeeping and teaches the student to prepare the books of account from source documents to the subsidiary journals to the general and subsidiary ledgers, trial …

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Business Literacy (BUSL)

Description This course forms part of the Foundation Level in every ICB Programme, irrespective what stream you are studying. It is a unique course, as both effective business communication and numeracy outcomes are covered. This is essential for any business practitioner. Business communication includes written and spoken; numeracy business tools include fractions, percentages, ratios, interest …

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